BaZi Tarot cards deck includes:

  • 40 cards representing heavenly stems: four sets of 10 stems;
  • 48 cards representing earthly branches: four sets of 12 branches.

BaZi is a Chinese astrology system that is often used for forecasting; it is based on understanding of interplay and realtive stregth of univeral energies present at birth and also changing though one's life. When facing with difficult situation one has a few tools to use and if you are good at BaZi you can use this set to better understand the situation. Just draw eight cards (fours stems and four branches), lay them out in four colums as a BaZi chart and start interpreting the wider context (year pillar), narrow context (month pillar), you (day pillar) and the outcome (hour pillar).

88 BaZi Tarot Cards

SKU: BZ_88

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