Please note: this set contains cards representing earthly branches only.

BaZi card game containing 60 cards representing eartlhy branches: five sets of twelve branches.

Perfect for learning qualities of earthly branches, hidden stems and interrelationship between five elemental processes - wood, fire, earth, metal and water, as well as Chinese characters representing twelve earthly branches.

Level 1 game is about production cycle, level 2 is about controlling cycle, level 3 is about all relationships, and level 4 is about seasons and relative strength of each branch in a particular season, with further levels introducing clashes, combinations, destructions, harms and punishments.

You can create your own rules and submit them so that they can be published on AllNeigGong Facebok page.  

Ba Zi Card Game - Earthly Branches - 60 Cards

SKU: BZ_Cards_EB60

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