Stems & Branches set includes 22 cards:

  • 10 cards representing heavenly stems;
  • 12 cards representing earthly branches.

BaZi is a Chinese astrology system that is often used for forecasting and helps one navigate many situations in life by warning of negative and positve energy flows.

To become proficient in this system, it is important to recognise chines characters denoting ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches. This set will help you learn this characters as it has both English and PinYin names alongside the Chinese character as well as colour code denoting the element associated with the stem and  branch and its polarity: yin or yang. 

The cards representing branches also contain hidden stems (both main and subbordiate), that will further help you with learning this important property of  erathly branches.

BaZi Stems & Branches Set

SKU: BZ_22

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