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Dealing with Emotions

In dealing with our emotions or preferences it is often difficult to just let go of them and change our mindsets. This is because our mind consists of the ‘acquired mind’ and the ‘congenital mind’. It is the role of the acquired mind to experience, to learn and to remember. The acquired mind processes every experience and stores the lessons for the next time a similar situation arises, which is paramount for the survival. However emotional state associated with that experience is also captured, which might not be useful as we start treating similar situation with 'default' or remembered emotional state.

To let go of these emotions, we are essentially telling the acquired mind that it was ‘wrong’ to have stored those emotions in the first place. We do not like to admit when we are wrong!

What is the solution? Surprisingly the solution is not to deal with the mind or emotions directly, as the defence mechanism will be invoked by the acquired mind to protect itself, but rather through specific manipulation and exercises designed to affect the physical body and its energy production and circulation.

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