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Dealing with weakness of Metal energy

Accoridng to classical Chinese medicine, meal energies are the weakest during summer season, whch is associated with Fire. Despite overall balance of energies during the week commencing 27th May 2024, metal energies look quite weak mid week (see the charts below), so respiratory issues and skin problems may resurface for some, as well sinus and nasal problems, and last but not least, the issues with colon and digestion may also come to the fore.

To balance metal energy weakness: avoid dairy, cold and sugary foods, as well as too much spice. This advice is of course too generic, and must be adjusted for specific conditions.

More details:

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and certain holistic health practices, the concept of "metal energies" is associated with the Metal element, one of the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water). Each element is linked to specific organs, emotions, and bodily functions. Weakness or imbalance in Metal energy can manifest in various physical and emotional ailments. Here are some common ailments linked to weak Metal energies:

1. Respiratory Issues:

   - Chronic cough

   - Asthma

   - Bronchitis

   - Shortness of breath

2. Skin Problems:

   - Dry skin

   - Eczema

   - Psoriasis

   - Rashes

3. Immune System Weakness:

   - Frequent colds and infections

   - Allergies

4. Emotional Imbalances:

   - Grief

   - Melancholy

5. Colon and Digestive Issues:

   - Constipation

   - Colitis

6. Nasal and Sinus Problems:

   - Sinusitis

   - Allergic rhinitis

Balancing Metal energy involves various practices such as acupuncture, dietary adjustments, herbal remedies, breathing exercises, and emotional healing techniques.

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