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Energy is at the root of everything

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

There is plenty of press about energy supported by multitude of definitions and interpretations. Ultimately, our life energy is keeping us alive, and this energy is diminishing with every minute and second our lives. Surely, there must be another type of energy that persists between our death and rebirth, you may say, but this is a much deeper topic that could be discussed on another day. So, back to our present life and energy that we are given and must take care of in order to live long.

Every person is born with a set volume of energy that determines their life span, accidents and self harm notwithstanding. Every action we take results in either replenishing of the reserves or their consumption. If you eat healthy positive energy foods, exercise and rest, the energy is replenished and you will live longer in comparison with the life-style of insufficient rest, poor diet and little exercise.

Energy is also consumed by emotions: if you are not at peace, you will use the energy to feed the emotions, thus reducing your life span. The only viable solution here is to recognise that everything you do requires energy. It does not mean that you should stop all activities and remove yourself from society to conserve your energy; all it means is that your should recognise that any argument or annoyance on your part ultimately shortens you life. If you appreciate this simple truth, you will leave a far more peaceful, longer and healthier life.

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