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How to recognise starting Depression?

What is Depression? Black's Student Medical Dictionary defines it as "a collection of physiological symptoms including sadness, depressive thoughts characterised by worry, poor self-image, self-blame, guilt and low self-confidence; downbeat views on the future; and a feeling of hopelessness."

The dictionary also points out that his word is often misused. The definition above already lists a few symptoms from different stage of developing depression.

So how does it start?

Initial stage of depression (and there are six of them in total) starts with the so-called "constrainment syndrome", which is characterised by blockages in the energy flow in the body. People seem to dismiss the notion of energy circulation within the body, however they readily accept that there is blood circulation. If you think about it, it becomes obvious that one is not possible without the other.

At the sight of first symptoms - when minor things become bigger, when psychosomatic aches and pains start to appear - is the right time to act. The solution is to smooth your energy flow and keep nourishing your body.

How could this be done? Exercise, food and rest is the answer. There are special physical exercises that allow one to achieve this goal fairly quickly. Since Liver and Lungs are involved, Eastern and Western exercises form Eight Directional Exercises would be appropriate. Acupressure points Pericardium 6, Liver 3 and Gallbladder 34 would also do wonders.

Do not delay, otherwise it will not be long before the next stage develops.

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