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Living 120 years and beyond - is it possible?

Longevity is captivating attention of many, as people generally live longer and they want to live a healthy and active life well into their 90s and beyond. For many, 120 years seem out of reach and out of the ordinary, and few examples of people living in good health after 100 here and there are seen only as an exception confirming the rule. Common is not normal - is the old adage used in classical Chinese medicine to draw people's attention to the fact that human potential is much higher than is commonly realised in modern society.

Health in old age is one thing that the money cannot buy despite great desire from affluent part of modern Western society to pay any money to prolong their health and enjoy life well into their 90s. This desire is likely a result of the expectation of instant gratification prevalent in our world, where money can buy everything.

Old classics talk about people living to 120 years in good health, and examples from various parts of the world, Okinawa being one, is the confirmation of the norm (or potential), which is unfortunately not common.

So what is the secret? It is actually quite simple, and this simplicity seems to confuse people as they look for something more intricate. The simple truth is that one needs to understand and follow natural laws, as this will ensure the energy is not used to fight theses laws. These laws are not complicated either: one needs eat and drink in moderation, arise and retire at regular hours, not overindulge in anything, rest sufficiently and exercise - all very sensible and easily understood, but not often followed.

The answer is yes, it is possible to live healthily into old age, but you need to follow simple rules as outlined above, and not expect that some miracle cure can reverse your ageing process and make you healthy despite overindulgence and abuse of your body and mind.

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