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Metal Ox Year Outlook

New energetic year of Metal Ox (辛丑) starts tomorrow 3rd February 2021, which also marks a beginning of Li Chun (beginning of Spring) - the first of the 24 seasons - and a spring festival.

Following Metal Rat in the sexagenary cycle is Metal Ox. It is not the same metal though: Rat, being a Yang branch, attracts Yang Metal, whereas Ox, being Yin, is of Yin Metal variety. The key difference is in a softer, more sophisticated nature of Yin Metal compared to Yang, as in jewellery versus an axe, however Yin Metal may also manifest negative traits, like vanity, if unbalanced.

Looking at the branch, we can see the influence of Yin Earth, which is a main Qi of the Ox. the other two energies are Yin Metal and Yin Water, which means that Yin Metal stem of the year is rooted, so likely to exhibit its core characteristics. So expect increased sensitivity in people, overreaction and being easily offended - just be aware and act accordingly.

Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine outlines Ox Year's primary influence as TaiYin/Damp and the secondary one as TaiYang/Cold, which means that 2021 energetic year is likely to have heavy rainfall in the first half of the year (February - July) and colder gloomy days in the second half (August - January). During the year people expected to suffer from conditions of abdominal distention, oedema, cold limbs and muscle spasms. Treatment should include aromatic, bitter and warming herbs to dry the dampness and dispel the coldness.

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