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Summer solstice Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse is coming tomorrow, 21 June 2020. What does it mean energetically? According to the ancient astrologers this is quite an inauspicious time with Yang energy being blocked when it should prevail, so kind of going against the normal energy flow. Is there any merit in this view? It is very difficult to say as there is no research to support any of the views using modern scientific methods. Some people believe that looking at the Sun eclipse would bring you as many years of bad luck as the number of minutes you observe it, the other say this is pure superstition. In any case, do what you think is right, and if you decide to look at the eclipse, do let us know of the consequences. By the way, tomorrow's eclipse is very short and also quite special where the Moon is much further away from the Earth making it look slightly smaller, so that it will not completely cover the Sun, creating a "ring of fire" or a crown.


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