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Water Horse month has arrived

Water Horse month starts today and brings with it both fire and water energies, so Heart and Kidney /Bladder systems are likely to be affected. Horse (午, Wu) is a cardinal month of the Summer season and is associated with South direction. Today is also the beginning of the 9th solar term called 芒种 (Grain in Ear), which marks the end of the grain-growing season and the last chance for sowing. Old chinese proverb states that once the time of Grain in Ear passese, it will be no use planting.

According to Chinese Almanac today is 收 (Receive/Accept) - the day that brings the same auspicious energies as yesterday: it is a good day for trading, studying, mariage, and also being outsde. It is not good for travelling, burial or going to the doctor. The old almanac is quite specific about thses days being inauspcicious for acupuncutre and moxibustion.

It must be noted that the cycle of twelve characters not a simple repeat of the sequence, but are using a complex rule involving branch of the day and the month.

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