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Water Rabbit Year Outlook

Although Chinese New Year is celebrated on 22nd January in 2023, the new energetic year of Water Rabbit (癸卯, Gui Mao) starts on 4th February 2022, which also marks the beginning of Li Chun (beginning of Spring) - the first of the 24 solar terms and also a spring festival.

The interaction between heavenly stems and earthly branches is used in the ancient system of forecasting to predict both weather patterns and their influence on all living things in the world, and general trends in people's health during the year is not an exception.

Due to its Yin polarity this year is likely to manifest deficiencies. Rabbit years are expected to be cool and dry in the first half (until end of July / early August) and extremely hot in the second half (from August to early February 2024). To aid the balance, the herbal treatments should include the herbs that lubricate the dryness and clear the heat.

In the first half of the year, the people are likely to suffer from imbalances of the liver and gallbladder because the metal phase is strong overacts on the wood phase. Symptoms include pain under the right ribs, tightness in tendons and ligaments, hernia, blurred vision, eye infections, boils, pelvic pain in females, boborygmus and diarrhea. Herbal prescriptions should include bitter and warm herbs as "emperor", sour and pungent herbs as "minister" and bitter herbs as "assistant".

In the second half of the year, extreme heat may result in acute abdominal pain, and perhaps blood in the stool and urine. Herbal prescription will benefit from salty and cold herbs as "emperor", bitter and pungent as "minister" and sour and bitter as "assistant"

This is a general outlook for the year concerning weather patterns and prevailing health issues, that are likely to be noticed by doctors. Your personal forecast would depend on your own strengths and weaknesses and elemental balance - get in touch if you would like to know more.

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