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Water Tiger Year Outlook

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Although Chinese New Year is celebrated on 1st February in 2022, new energetic year of Water Tiger (壬寅, Ren Yin) starts on 4th February 2022, which also marks the beginning of Li Chun (beginning of Spring) - the first of the 24 seasons - and a spring festival.

The interaction between heavenly stems and earthly branches had been captured in the ancient system of forecasting weather patterns and their influence on all living things in the world, especially people's well-being. This cycle repeats every sixty years.

Due to its Yang polarity this year is likely to manifest excesses. Tiger years are expected to be hot in the first half (until end of July / early August) and windy in the second half (August - January 2023). People are susceptible to the conditions of fever and chills, digestive issues, eye infections, skin problems, and oedema. Treatment should utilise salty, pungent, and sour herbals to cool the fire and disperse the wind. Clearing, diuretic, lubricating, and dispersing methods should be employed. This year in particular will bring imbalances causing dizziness, vertigo, hypochondria, neuralgia, and anxiety.

This is a general outlook for the year concerning weather patterns and prevailing health issues, that are likely to be noticed by doctors. Your personal forecast would depend on your own strengths and weaknesses and elemental balance - get in touch if you would like to know more.

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