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Unique deck of 60 poker size playing cards comrising five suits and 12 ranks.

Each card is beatifully designed and represents one of the 60 pillars of the sexagenary cycle. Each pillar is a combination of one of the ten heavenly stems (two polarities of five elemtal phases - wood, fire, earth, metal and water) and one of the 12 earthly branches (animals of the Chnese Zodiac).

Each card depicts a Zodiac animal along with its corresponding innate character as well as its adopted external energy, e.g. Wood Dragon, Water Ox, etc. Each card also contains a hexagram representing the yin/yang balance of the month (tidal hexagram) as well as a speciifc hexagram form Yi Jing. The ancient stamp characters for the stem and the branch are also on the card.

This original game will teach you about the nature and realtionship between the yin and yang, five elemental phases, twelve earthly branches and tidal hexagrams, 60 pillars and 64 hexagrams. 

As with traditionl playing cards decks,  there is an infinte number of games that can be played and this unique set can even be used for playing traditional games like poker.

12 Animals of the Zodiac

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