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Riding the Energy Wave

Energy transformation is at the core of the manifested world. There are many types of energies, each carrying its own set of characteristics, but all of these energies are interdependent and can be categorised into either Yin or Yang. Once you know the laws of Yin and Yang, you can use them to your advantage: simply recognising and aligning yourself with the prevailing energy direction will ensure you are in a better position to achieve your goal. You may choose to ignore this information, but it does not mean the energies will disappear, they will still be there, although you may be working against them making your life more difficult, like swimming against the tide.

Information on energy flows and directions has been codified into BaZi, QiMen and FengShui and can be used to your advantage. Like sailors use marine weather forecast and sailing almanacs together with tidal streams atlas, you can use the information about energies of the year, month, day and hour to get to your destination/objective much faster. So whether you are after promotion at work, increase in your business profits, selling or buying property, getting or improving relationships, accelerating the results you are after or resolving personal or medical issues, to name a few - there are favourable days to achieve these goals. Selecting the right date significantly increases the chances of your success because these dates are unique to you and your objectives.

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